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      The petrochemical new city chemical and fine chemical industry base begins to take shape

      Time: 2013-05-17

      The reporter learned from the press conference of "China Fushun Petrochemical New City Chemical and Fine Chemical Industry Base" held this afternoon that Fushun Petrochemical New City takes the "10 million tons of oil refining, one million tons of ethylene" project as the leader, and The chemical and fine chemical industry is the leading development direction. As of the end of 2012, the petrochemical new city chemical and fine chemical industry cluster has 82 projects, realizing a total industrial output value of 56.8 billion yuan and taxation of 7.2 billion yuan; among them, there are 65 follow-up deep processing projects , A total investment of 17.97 billion yuan, and 18 projects have been completed and put into production or entered the trial production stage, 38 projects are under construction-Fushun Petrochemical New City Chemical and Fine Chemical Industry Base has begun to take shape.

      According to Hou Yongzhi, member of the Standing Committee of the Dongzhou District Committee of Fushun and executive deputy director of the Fushun Petrochemical New City Management Committee, as the "big ethylene" project was successfully put into production in October last year, subsequent deep processing industries such as organic chemicals, fine chemicals, and rubber waxes also Entered into a new period of rapid development. In the past five years, the starting area of ??the South Ring Industrial Belt planned for the construction of the new petrochemical city has been basically completed; the four major industrial sectors, including synthetic new materials, organic chemicals, fine chemicals and rubber and plastic waxes, also have leading projects to settle in.

      The new synthetic materials section of Petrochemical New City is led by Fangtai Precision Carbon Materials Co., Ltd.'s investment of 4.7 billion yuan with an annual output of 7,000 tons of composite carbon materials. At the same time, it has attracted Quintiles high-strength high-modulus polyethylene, Baiying carbon fiber heating element, Qilong pitch-based carbon fiber, etc. For key projects, the total investment in the entire industrial chain reached 5.4 billion yuan.

      The leading project in the organic chemical sector, Liaoning Tongyi Petrochemical's OCU combined plant project (phase one) with an investment of 580 million yuan has been completed and put into production, and five subsequent deep processing series projects are being planned and designed, with a total investment of 9.6 billion yuan. The project has the world's advanced technology and craftsmanship, and the annual output value will reach 17.8 billion yuan after it is put into production. In addition, Qilong Chemical has invested 340 million yuan in C9 and pyrolysis tar deep processing projects, and Qingdao Yikesi invested 540 million yuan in C5 deep processing and co-production of isoprene rubber projects. All have been put into production; Yi'an Chemical No. 2 with an investment of 270 million yuan Methyl ether, MTBE and liquefied petroleum gas catalytic reorganization project, investment of 310 million yuan in Jiahua Chemical polyether and surfactant project, investment of 200 million yuan in Anxin Chemical (meth)acrylic acid series multifunctional monomer project and other 13 key projects Construction is underway.

      The fine chemical sector has introduced 12 projects including a series of chemical additives, industrial paints, environmentally friendly industrial coatings and resins, and industrial water additives, with a total investment of 1.34 billion yuan. Among them, 4 companies have entered the trial production stage, and the remaining projects are under construction.

      The rubber and plastic wax segment is led by the special wax project with 50 million US dollars invested by German Hansheng Group, the 200 million woven bag project invested by Beitian Group, and the 360 ??million reinforced spiral corrugated pipe project invested by Yitong Pipe Industry. The total number of projects is 7 A total investment of 1.1 billion yuan. At present, three leading projects have been basically completed, of which Yitong Pipe Industry has been completed and put into production. In addition, the rubber industry chain has already established the foundation for the downstream refined and in-depth development, with Qingdao Yikesi Company invested 540 million yuan in carbon five deep processing and co-production of 40,000 tons/year isoprene rubber project and Tongyi Petrochemical Company’s 400,000 tons liquefaction The gas deep processing project is the leader. Through the secondary deep processing of the self-produced raw materials of park enterprises such as propylene, isobutylene and butadiene, the downstream can plan to build 100,000 tons of butyl rubber, 100,000 tons of rare earth butadiene rubber and 100,000 tons of ethylene propylene. Rubber projects. After these rubber projects are completed and put into production, Fushun Petrochemical New City will become the country's largest rubber base.

      Through five years of work, Petrochemical New City has basically realized the undertaking of the main by-product resources of "big ethylene"; among them, the undertaking projects of C5, C9, pyrolysis tar, high-density polyethylene and other resources have been completed and put into production. At present, the development pattern of upstream and downstream integration, continuous extension of the industrial chain, and industrial clustering has been formed, laying a solid foundation for the future industrial development of the petrochemical new city, and will also greatly change the industrial structure of Fushun and drive the economic and social undertakings of Fushun. Rapid development. In the next five years, the leading industries of the new petrochemical city plan to achieve an output value of 200 billion yuan-of which 100 billion yuan for PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical and 100 billion yuan for the park itself, supporting the formation of an economic scale of GDP exceeding 80 billion yuan and disposable financial resources exceeding 8 billion yuan. .

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