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      Jiangxi Keyuan Biopharm Co., Ltd.

      Aiming at the development of biochemical industry

      Developed a variety of biotechnologies for the synthesis of chiral compounds
      using biological enzymes as catalysts


      Keyuan Biopharm

      Jiangxi Keyuan Biopharm Co., Ltd.

      ■  Address: Jishan Industrial Zone,Pengze County,Jiangxi Province ■  P.C.: 332700
      ■  Contact: Mr. Wu Mobile: +86-18070521059 ■  Contact: Mr. Chen Mobile: +86-15390859338


      ■  Tel: +86-792-5686966 ■  Fax: +86-792-5683858
      ■  E-mail: sales@keyuanchem.com  

      Foreign trade

      ■  Tel: +86-792-5936988 ■  Fax: +86-792-5683858
      ■  E-mail: ky1@keyuanchem.com / ky2@keyuanchem.com  

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